The Savannah cat, a new hybrid breed, has been selectively bred from African Serval
ancestors and various domestic cat breeds and may be the answer to bridge the gap
between the savage and the tame.

The first known breeding was in the early 1980s  by Judy Frank. In the early 1990s,
Patrick Kelley, founder of, enlisted Joyce Sroufe to help him develop
the breed, with Kelley using offspring of that first hybrid cross. They were successful
and they were eventually able to convince TICA to accept development of the new breed.

This cat in motion captures the dramatic presence of a wild animal with its large size,
well developed musculature and suggestion of a stalking leopard. The Savannah is a
smaller version of the African Serval, weighing in at around 20 pounds, as opposed to
the 35 to 40 of its wild ancestor.  And yet, in spite of their size and appearance, the
Savannah typically has a gentle and affectionate nature.  The Savannah’s
temperament, coupled with their intelligence and adaptability, create a truly unique and
loving companion.
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